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Sales and talent management services for local and national radio

Making it in the radio business is tough—but it’s easier when you have an experienced talent and sales consultant looking out for your best interests. Get in touch with Mogul Consulting LLC if you want to bolster your image and maintain a successful marketing strategy. We’re based in Ludlow, VT, but we work with radio groups in local and national markets.

We can help you develop core account strategies, build achievable sales budgets, develop your brand and engage with your target audience. Call today to learn more about our consulting services.

Talent Management

We focus on radio talent management for local and national stations.

Setting Achievable Goals

We can help you set realistic sales goals and build your audience.

Developing Core Account Strategies

We’ll take a look at your core market and develop an effective marketing strategy.

Effective Sales Presentations

Communicate your benefits versus cost analysis easily with an effective sales presentation.

Here’s why you’ll love doing business with us

Need more reasons why you should work with us? Mogul Consulting:

Is backed by over 30 years of consulting experience, and our lead consultant has been managing radio talent since 1990.

Has worked with a number of radio groups, so we have unique insight into how to build a radio brand for local and national markets.

Can help you manage your talent, but we can also help groups drive sales and expand their markets.

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